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Mr Monkeys sees Feast at the MCDC, 18th October

"It's a good idea, as long as you're expecting your teapot to rock"

Mr Monkey looking at Lucy Whiting's rocking teapots Mr Monkey looking at mugs by Lucy Whiting

Mr Monkey inspected some mugs and teapots made by Lucy Whiting. He was impressed by their darkness and the contrast between the rough outside and the shiny inside, but was a little perplexed to see that the teapots wouldn't stand up straight. Then he realised the wobbliness was a variant of her rocking teapot design which won a Help The Aged Award for Independent Living because the judges thought it "uses craft skills to solve a perennial problem without making a special case out of it".

You can read about the rocking teapot at the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre website and email the artist from

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