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Mr Monkey aboard HMS Warrior, 30th August

"They had to lift up a circular bit of deck before they could get at the propellor"

Mr Monkey looking at an Armstrong 40 pounder rifled breech loader Mr Monkey looking along the upper deck from the stern Details of the guns

Mr Monkey scampered to the stern of HMS Warrior. He looked at an Armstrong 40 pounder rifled breech loader, then at the 110 pounder stern chaser, also an Armstrong breech loader. The 110 pounder was a new design which turned out to occasionally blow up, so they were withdrawn in 1863. The stern chaser is surrounded by brass strips and shackles marking the different positions the gun could be mounted to traverse in different directions. Mr Monkey also found the propellor well. HMS Warrior used steam as well as sail; when it was just under sail, the 26 ton propellor was pulled up into the well by 400 men.

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