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Mr Monkey sees the Best of Manchester 2008 at Urbis, 7th August

"It's very deer-oriented, the Red Deer Club"

Mr Monkey looking at Red Deer Club artwork Mr Monkey looking down from the top floor of Urbis

Mr Monkey went to look at the Music award runners-up. One was Duncan Sime of the Red Deer Club, once a folk club and now a record label. Mr Monkey admired the Club's CD covers. The other Music runner-up was Jasper Wilkinson of the I Am Your Autopilot collective; his work was illustrated by a soundtrack for a film which wouldn't photograph properly. Mr Monkey paused next to the hut the film was showing in and looked down past the exhibitions on Levels 3, 2 and 1 to the party on the ground floor.

Both the Red Deer Club and I Am Your Autopilot have pages at MySpace.

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