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Mr Monkey sees Death by a Thousand Cuts at the CAC, 24th January

"You'd think they'd have noticed a staircase before"

Mr Monkey looking at the Chinese doors Mr Monkey looking at a painting by Wuon Gean

Mr Monkey's humans hadn't noticed before, but there's a staircase at the Chinese Arts Centre. At the bottom of the stairs there's an education centre with a pair of 200 year old Chinese doors, covered in symbols promising prosperity, protection and happiness. The staircase is used as a display space for 'First Step' exhibitions and is currently showing work by Wuon Gean. Mr Monkey rather liked the Wild West panels, which are based on the decoration of a bar in Oregon. At the top of the stairs Mr Monkey met Wuon Gean, and they got on well. Then Mr Monkey set off to see another new exhibition, Yofi, at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

You can read about Wuon Gean at the Wuon Gean website.

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