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Mr Monkey in London, 12th January

"It's odd but interesting"

Mr Monkey looking into Sherlock Holmes's study Mr Monkey looking into the study from a side window

While he was at the Sherlock Holmes restaurant, Mr Monkey couldn't help noticing that the room next to the dining room was a replica of Sherlock Holmes's study at 221b Baker Street. The replica was built for the 1951 Festival of Britain, went on a world tour, and was bought by Whitbread & Co and installed in the Northumberland Arms (which was renamed) in 1957. Mr Monkey studied the room, admiring all the items on display. It's not Sherlock Holmes himself at the back, but the model of him that Colonel Sebastian Moran shot in The Empty House.

You can read about the 1951 exhibition at the Westminster Libraries and Archives website.

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