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Mr Monkey in London, 10th January

"A fine exhibition and a fine meal"

Mr Monkey in front of a picture of two terracotta soldiers Mr Monkey outside the Konacki on Coptic Street

As soon as he was allowed to Mr Monkey scampered into the First Emperor exhibition. He learned about Qin Shihuangdi and how he defeated everyone else in China, declared himself Emperor, imposed an alphabet, a coinage and a set of weights and measures on the country, decided he wasn't going to die, and finally had his tomb defended by 7000 terracotta soldiers. Mr Monkey studied the largest group of terracotta warriors allowed outside China since they were discovered. After he'd seen the whole exhibition, Mr Monkey scurried off to Coptic Street to eat at the Konaki restaurant.

You can read about the exhibition at the British Museum website and about the restaurant at the Konaki website.

As Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take any pictures, not even of the replica warriors for sale in the shop, the picture on the left was taken when Mr Monkey stood in front of a page of the exhibition catalogue showing an armoured infantryman and a general.

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