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Mr Monkey sees Catapult 07 at Urbis, 2nd November

"The real things would have been too big or mobile to fit in the drawers"

Mr Monkey looking at Runswick Bay by Helen Welford Mr Monkey looking at the The Curators of the Manchester Museum

Mr Monkey examined Runswick Bay, a palimpsest of paper, fabric and cloth by Helen Welford, which evoked the sea around the north-east of England. Then he looked at Hannah Webster's The Curators of the Manchester Museum to see some of the staff of the Manchester Museum wandering around their storage areas. There was a chest of drawers beneath the photographs and a note on the floor telling everyone to open the drawers, so Mr Monkey had a quick look at what turned out to be pictures of items from the museum - such as a scarab beetle, an animal's skull, and a live frog - chosen by the curators.

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