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Mr Monkey in Ostende, 18th September

"There's a lot of unfriendly signs between the street and the monument"

Mr Monkey looking at the Vindictive monument Mr Monkey looking at the Vindictive monument from the side

Mr Monkey went to look at the Vindictive monument. The monument looks very like the bows of a ship because it's made out of the bows of HMS Vindictive. On the night of the May 10th 1918 HMS Vindictive, with its bows filled with concrete, was sailed as near as it could get to the Ostende lock gates and sunk. The channel was partially blocked until 1920 when the Belgians decided they'd quite like to be able to use their lock again, and the ship was salvaged. Mr Monkey thought it was an interesting monument and was a bit annoyed that he couldn't get any nearer to it.

You can read the British Admiralty statement about the raid at the First World website.

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