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Mr Monkey's Bruges canal trip, 16th September

"It's small but important, it seems"

Mr Monkey looking up at the side of the Gruuthuse Mr Monkey looking up at the statue on the Woolestraat bridge

On the way back Mr Monkey was able to spot the most famous window in Bruges. This is a tiny Gothic window on a corner of the Gruuthuse, the mansion of a family who had a monopoly on the sale of gruut (the peeled barley or wheat that was essential for brewing before the introduction of hops), which is now an archaeological museum. The museum is being renovated, but they've helpfully left a gap in the plastic shielding and a little arrow so that no-one will miss the window. Mr Monkey looked at the back of a statue on the bridge from the Wollestraat, and then his trip finished back where it started.

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