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Mr Monkey in Ostende, 15th September

"These are just for looking at, not touching"

Mr Monkey looking through a fence at some old bunkers Mr Monkey looking at an abandoned R671 bunker

Mr Monkey found a path through the dunes down to the sea front. On the way, he couldn't help noticing a collection of German bunkers that were part of the Atlantic Wall Marine Coastal Battery MKB Hundius when there was a war on. Mr Monkey noticed that the fence stopping people get to the bunkers was lower on the sea front than in the dunes. Mr Monkey didn't need to see inside them, because last time he visited Ostende he'd been to the Domein Raversijde on the other side of the town, where the entrances to the bunkers haven't been bricked up.

You can read about MKB Hundius at the Atlantic Wall linear museum website and at Frank Philippart's Atlantic Wall at the Belgian Coast website .

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