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Mr Monkey follows the Siege of Ostende historic walk, 14th September

"You wouldn't have wanted to stand next to that archduchess"

Mr Monkey looking at the Isabella panel Mr Monkey looking at a large modern sculpture

Mr Monkey scurried along JozefIIstraat, until he found the Isabella panel. This told him that the archduchess Isabella had started the siege by vowing that she wouldn't change her underwear until Ostende surrendered. By the time the siege ended she'd invented a new colour, isabelline*. On the way to the final panel Mr Monkey found a large and unexplained piece of public sculpture.

* This probably isn't true, as Elizabeth I had a dress of "Isabella-colour satten" a year before the siege started. You can read a bit about the derivation of the colour isabelline at the World Wide Words website.

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