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Mr Monkey in London, 3rd August

"Maybe the little ones are down from Teddington"

Mr Monkey looking at Brettenham House Mr Monkey looking at the lifeboat station beside Waterloo Bridge

On Waterloo Bridge, Mr Monkey spotted another of Antony Gormley's Event Horizon figures standing on top of Brettenham House, the home of Little Brown the publishers. Peering over the side of the bridge Mr Monkey saw a lifeboat station, one of four the Royal National Lifeboat Institution has on the Thames. This one is called the Tower Lifeboat Station because it used to be at the Tower of London. The RNLI did change the name of the pier from Waterloo Police Pier to Lifeboat Pier to reduce confusion, though. Its normal complement is two E class lifeboats, though there seemed to be one E class and a pair of D class boats when Mr Monkey looked.

You can read about the lifeboat station and about the Class E and other R.N.L.I. lifeboats at the R.N.L.I. website.

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