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Mr Monkey sees Blind Light at the Hayward, 3rd August

"It's all very spooky, and a bit damp"

Mr Monkey in the mist of the Blind Light installation

Mr Monkey scampered around The Hayward looking at a retrospective of work by Antony Gormley. He studied the 27 ton Space Station, looked at the rectangluar concrete people of Allotment, and saw several casts of Antony Gormley's body, in different poses and with different names. He wasn't allowed to take pictures, of course. But when he went into the slightly spooky Blind Light which was a box filled with water vapour, puddles, and people blundering around with almost no visibility, the attendants couldn't see if Mr Monkey was posing for the camera. So he did.

You can read about the exhibition at the South Bank Centre website.

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