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Mr Monkey sees the Pivotal Decade at the CAC, 29th June

"They're a little icky, and they feel sticky"

Mr Monkey comparing crushed and uncrushed cockroaches Mr Monkey studying a pair of cockroaches

Before he left the Chinese Arts Centre, Mr Monkey noticed that they had an infestation of cockroaches. Then he realised that they were an exhibit too; Luke Ching Chin-wai had made them using folk art techniques and a lot of double sided sticky tape. They're intended to criticise the Hong Kong government's obsession with stability, security guards and CCTVs. Mr Monkey quickly noticed that most of the cockroaches on the floor were much flatter than they'd been before they let people into the gallery. And then Mr Monkey set off home.

You can read about Luke Ching at the Asia Art Archive website, read Luke Ching's blog (in Chinese), and see a demonstration of cockroach construction at YouTube.

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