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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 27th May

"It's an interesting drink"

Mr Monkey outside Le Cirio at night Mr Monkey looking across the roof of Bruxella 1238

In the evening, Mr Monkey let his humans eat out again. On the way back after eating they stopped in at Le Cirio for a glass of half and half, Le Cirio's signature tipple*. He tried to look through the roof of the Bruxella 1238 archaeological site to see the remains of a monastery which had been founded in 1238, dissolved in the 16th century, and mislaid in the 18th, but he couldn't, what with it being dark at night.

You can read a bit about Bruxella 1238 at the Tourism Wallonie website.

* One half is champagne, and the other half is white wine, but Mr Monkey can't remember which half is which.

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