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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 27th May

"It looks like a proper monument now, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the statue of Liberty atop the monument Mr Monkey looking at the carved reliefs at the base of the monument

Mr Monkey started the day by visiting the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessiné to buy some comic books. On the way he scampered through the Place des Martyrs, and couldn't help noticing that the monument had been restored and generally tidied up a lot since he had seen it in 2005. Mr Monkey thought it looked a lot more like a monument to the people who died fighting for Belgium to be not Dutch than it had before. The tablet held by the statue of Libertié shows the dates of the fighting, and there are 465 revolutionaries in the crypts beneath the Place.

You can read about the Crypte des Martyrs (in French or Dutch) at the Les Enfants et Descendants des Combattants de 1830 website.

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