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Mr Monkey visits BELvue!, 26th May

"Well, that was an interesting coincidence"

Mr Monkey outside BELvue! Mr Monkey at the entrance to the Herge exhibition

Mr Monkey scampered through a door in the west wing of the Royal Palace and into the BELvue! museum. His humans bought their tickets, and Mr Monkey set off to examine the temporary exhibition about Hergé. He scurried through a long curved corridor, examining pictures of Hergé and his work (which wasn't just TinTin). Mr Monkey was interested to find that Hergé started his last work, which features art fraud and a dodgy cult, the year after he met Andy Warhol.

You can read about the museum at the BELvue! museum website and read a short biography of Hergé at the A La Découverte De TinTin website.

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