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Mr Monkey walks the Peak Forest Canal from Romiley to Marple, 19th April

"There's some odd stuff in this park, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the sundial from Narple Hall Mr Monkey looking at Marple stocks

While he was wandering through the Memorial Park Mr Monkey spotted the sundial from Marple Hall. It's dated 1658, and its original owner was John Bradshawe, President of the High Court of Justice that sentenced Charles I to death*. Mr Monkey was rather unimpressed to see that it had no gnomon so it was more of a short pillar than a sundial. Nearby Mr Monkey saw Marple's old stocks, and began to wonder if the Memorial Park was Marple's place for keeping things that didn't fit in anywhere else.

There's an explanation of how the sundial would work if it wasn't broken at the Liverpool Museums' Nuggets of Knowledge website.

* which is why Charles II had John Bradshawe, who'd been dead for two years, dug up and hanged at Tyburn.

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