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Mr Monkey visits HMS Belfast, 16th March

"It's a good place to visit, this ship is"

Mr Monkey crossing the boat Mr Monkey looking at a 4 inch HA/LA twin mounting

HMS Belfast originally had triple 21" torpedo tubes and shelters for the Walrus seaplanes on either side of the boat deck. These were all later removed, and the deck plated over. Mr Monkey looked at the deck, and thought they hadn't done a particularly good job at hiding the evidence. Mr Monkey scurried across the boat deck to inspect the 4-inch HA/LA guns; these could be fired at aircraft (High Angle) or surface targets (Low Angle). After looking at these Mr Monkey had run out of things to see aboard HMS Belfast, so he scampered back to the Quarterdeck and left the ship.

You can read about the 4-inch guns twin guns at the Naval Weapons of the World website.

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