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Mr Monkey visits HMS Belfast, 16th March

"It's a bit of a maze in here, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at pipes and control wheels in the forward boiler room Mr Monkey looking at a set of pressure gauges in the forward boiler room

There are two boiler rooms and two engine rooms on HMS Belfast, to make it twice as hard for enemy action to disable the ship. Mr Monkey watched a short video that explained that each boiler room had two boilers, and that each boiler burned Furnace Fuel Oil to heat water into super heated steam with a pressure of 350 pounds per square inch. When Mr Monkey scampered up and down various sets of ladders he couldn't really work out which bit was which, largely because almost everything had been painted the same colour. He was happy to look at all the tubes and dials and little wheels, even if he wasn't sure exactly what each one did.

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