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Mr Monkey visits Lake Union Park, 5th February

"They're always a bit wet, fireboats"

Mr Monkey looking at the Duwamish fireboat Mr Monkey looking at the Swiftsure lightship

Mr Monkey examined a row of historic ships. The 1889 tugboat Arthur Foss would have been more interesting if it hadn't been under a big white sheet, so Mr Monkey studied the fireboat Duwamish instead. This was built in 1909 and spent 75 years putting out waterfront fires in the Seattle region. Next to the fireboat was Lightship #83, built in 1904 in New Jersey, and named Swiftsure because her last permanent post was the Swiftsure Bank in the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Mr Monkey would have liked to explore all these ships, but they were shut.

You can read about the Duwamish at the Puget Sound Fireboat Foundation website, and about the Arthur Foss and Swiftsure at the Northwest Seaport website.

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