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Mr Monkey in Seattle, 30th January

"Let's go for a ride"

Mr Monkey at the monorail station at the Seattle Centre Mr Monkey looking at a monorail train

The Space Needle was built specially for the 1962 World's Fair. They set the fair up on the 28 acre site that is now the Seattle Center. Realising that it was a little too far out of town, they built a monorail to connect the World's Fair to the downtown area. Mr Monkey scurried over to the station, let his humans pay $2 each, and waited for the monorail doors to open.

You can read about the 1962 World's Fair at the Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History (click Browse to next essay for the rest of the story), and watch or download a 14 minute film about the Fair at the Internet Archive (Prelinger Collection) website.

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