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Mr Monkey visits Alki Beach, 28th January

"I approve of preserving things, but not when I want to see them"

Mr Monkey looking at the plinth where a small Statue of Liberty replica should be Mr Monkey looking through a fence at the Alki Point lighthouse

As he walked along the seafront Mr Monkey had been looking for a small replica of the Statue of Liberty, one of 200 put up by the Boy Scouts of America between 1949 and 1952. Instead, he found a plinth and a sign telling him that someone had taken the statue away for recasting, because it was falling to pieces and people kept breaking bits off. Sulking slightly, Mr Monkey ignored a monument to the birthplace of Seattle, and walked up to Alki Point. He peered through a fence at the Alki Point lighthouse.

You can read about the repairs to the Alki Beach Statue of Liberty at the Northwest Programs for the Arts website and about the lighthouse at the Lighthouse Friends website.

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