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Mr Monkey in Seattle, 27th January

"They liked ships, those Golden Age Dutch artists"

Mr Monkey looking at a tiled picture Mr Monkey looking at one of Van De Welde's pictures

Mr Monkey had found out that the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum had installed a small gallery at Schiphol, so he scampered along to see what was there. On one side of the room he looked at a small permanent collection, including Cornelius Boumeester's Seascape with a herring fleet,which is made from 180 majolica tiles. On the other side of the room, Mr Monkey examined a temporary exhibition of drawings by the elder and younger Willem Van De Veldes. The Van de Veldes used to sit in a small sailing boat near sea battles, making sketches which they later used to produce drawings such as Unsuccessful English attack on the VOC fleet at Bergen, 12 August 1605.

You can read about the museum at the Schiphol website and about the maritime power exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam website.

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