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Mr Monkey sees Arrivals and Departures at Urbis, 17th January

"It's my shop now, sort of"

Mr Monkey looking at the cut out Lee Tung Street apartments and shops Mr Monkey finding 'his' shop on the main Lee Tung Street banner

Mr Monkey found a box full of apartment and shop facades cut from the Lee Tung Street For/On Sale banners. These were all on sale, to provide funds for protesting against further demolition of Hong Kong's traditional streets. Mr Monkey selected a shop, put his donation (based on the resettlement compensation given to owners of demolished shops or apartments) into the little box, then found 'his' shop on the main banner. Then he scampered downstairs and off into the night to catch his train home.

You can read about the project at the Community Museum Project website, under 'projects'.

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