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Mr Monkey sees Arrivals and Departures at Urbis, 17th January

"You wouldn't expect a camera to be part of a family, would you?"

Mr Monkey looking at Milgram's Progress by Gordon Cheung Mr Monkey looking at sketches of Yuen Fong Ling's family

Mr Monkey had seen some of Gordon Chueng's paintings at the British Art Show 6, so he knew to expect the background to be made out of the Financial Times. He was delighted to see that Milgram's Progress, inspired by the psychologist Stanley Milgram (infamous for his experiments with authority at Yale and less famous for inventing the six degrees of separation concept), included the Monkey King from Chinese folklore. Then he examined pictures of Yeng Fong Ling's family made when they posed for a life drawing class.

You can read about Gorden Cheung at the Gordon Cheung website, about Stanley Milgram at the Psychology Today website, and read Yuen Fong Ling's blog.

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