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Mr Monkey in London, 6th January

"It was a fascinating exhibition, you know"

Mr Monkey in front of postcards of Iseppo and Livia da Porta Mr Monkey in front of a postcard of Saint Jerome in his Study

Mr Monkey scampered off to the V&A in South Kensington, to see an exhibition called At Home In Renaissance Italy. He scurried around learning about the sala, the cucina, the camera and the scrittoio¹ and the things that Renaissance Italians kept in them. Photography wasn't allowed so later Mr Monkey stood near postcards of the sort of paintings used to impress visitors with, and showing the how you might fit a study into a house².

You can read about the exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

¹ Main public room, kitchen, family room, and study.
² Left to right: Livia da Porto Thiene and Her Daughter Porzia, Iseppo da Porto and his son Adriano, both by Paolo Veronese; Saint Jerome in his Study, Antonello da Messina.

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