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Mr Monkey sees Ghosts of Winter Hill at Urbis, 3rd November

"It's a very small and blurry picture"

Mr Monkey watching the Coronation on a TV set from the 1950s Mr Monkey looking at images of Cracker and  Ena Sharples on the end of the Urbis building

Mr Monkey took the glass elevator up to level 3 and started touring the exhibition. While watching film clips on a TV set from the 1950s, he found out that the main point of the exhibition was that, apart from London, no British city has been depicted on television as much as Manchester. When he'd finished being surprised to find that the first by-election to be televised in the UK was Mancunian (Rochdale, in 1958), Mr Monkey was surprised to see Ena Sharples from Coronation Street glowering down at him in glorious black and white.

You can read about the exhibition at the Urbis archive website.

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